A bathroom remodel can be one of the most challenging renovations to undertake. Often requiring plumbing and electrical work, it is essential to employ licensed professionals familiar with local and state codes. At Yellow Dog Contracting all of our plumbing and electrical contractors are state licensed and well versed in code and the permitting process. We take care of the fine details so you are free to focus on design options and aesthetics.



Bathrooms are one of the easiest rooms to build green, and at Yellow Dog Contracting we take the mystery out of responsible remodeling. Bathrooms can be so much more than a bathtub and toilet. Let us show you how.


The bathroom on the right was once one bathroom that became two to accomodate a master bedroom. In addition to a new tub and toilet, wall and floor tile was added. Each bathroom had a different tile theme to create two distinct spaces.


The picture below shows the new tub and tile surround installed and ready for use. Yellow Dog Contracting reused all of the old fixtures for the faucet, shower head, and faucet control.


This ultimately provides savings which is passed on to the homeowner. A budget-conscious mindset is one of the many benefits of using Yellow Dog Contracting.






The work to this bathroom began by rebuilding the structural support in the floor. By adding tile, new fixtures, and a claw foot cast iron tub additional framing was essential. After the new subfloor was laid, a mortar floor leveler was poured to level the space for the tub.



After the tile was laid the process of installing the claw foot tub, chrome fixtures, and shower head began. Custom baseboard, crown moulding, and wainscoting complement the black and white checkered tile to provide a look of elegance.