Staircases are often overlooked in home remodeling as they are not used the way a kitchen, or dining room would. What they lack in frills they make up for in function. At Yellow Dog Contracting we realize the importance of applying code to our designs to provide a final product that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing.


All of our interior and exterior staircase projects are to code and specification, and are constructed to meet the desires and needs of our clients. Whether using salvaged lumber, restoring an existing feature, or using new materials Yellow Dog Contracting has the professional knowledge to help you create a stairway you will love.


For exterior staircases Yellow Dog Contracting consults with clients through the design phase to insure the project is to their specifications. After a design is completed, YDC will submit all necessary paperwork and sketches to acquire a zoning permit.


Once the zoning permit has been secured, a building permit is acquired , and the project is ready to begin. For interior staircases a zoning permit is not necessary, though in some cases a building permit will need to be acquired. Yellow Dog Contracting handles the permitting process so our clients are able to focus on material options and design. We pride ourselves on having good relationships with local inspectors, and are always available to answer any questions about the process to our clients.


We have reused existing features, or added salvaged materials to almost all of our staircase projects. At Yellow Dog Contracting we believe in reusing and recycling when appropriate to make sure all of our renovations are in keeping with the historical era of the home.




The floor below this stairway was raised, stabilized and leveled to meet local code. While most of the treads were original, Yellow Dog Contracting built and matched new treads to replace those that were unsalvageable. The circular handrail was continued to the top of the staircase for safety requirements.




The goal with this staircase project was the to match the antique style of the floorboards in the continuing office space. Each step was sanded to expose the mill marks, and then they were painted in a three part faux finish.