While you may not look forward to Monday morning, at Yellow Dog Contracting we understand the importance of creating a comfortable work space for your home office. Offices do not have to be plain and sterile, in fact they can be fun, and unique.


In the office photo above, the floor boards were in good shape so they were used to accent the room. They were sanded to expose the mill marks, and then they were painted in a three part faux finish.


From paint choices and flooring options to windows and electrical layout we will design a space that might even have you looking forward to Monday morning. If you have viewed some of our other pages you may have noticed we have an endless supply of options in regards to layouts, patterns, and plans. At Yellow Dog Contracting we bring our knowledge of home remodeling to your office, and beyond.



In addition to many options available in home remodels, we have custom built desks and work spaces for past clients. We rely on our established relationships with professionals in the electrical fields to design custom lighting layouts, power supplies, and multimedia connections that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


So where to start? We feel offices should reflect the interests and sensibilities of our clients. For too long offices have been sterile work environments, but where is the fun in that? Your office can be unique, and still provide an air of professionalism and prosperity. We ask our clients what features they like about their home, and what aspects they like in friends and families homes. Your office should reflect your tastes and interests. A welcoming work space is a productive work space, and no one knows this better than us.




The walls were mudded, sanded, and painted. New base, crown, and window trim were added.



This home office was created to help the client feel closer to their family while retaining a seperate work area. The green soapstone counters match that of the adjacent kitchen, and the finish paint on the desk is the same as the baseboards and trim. Color matching can serve to tie two seperate areas together while retaining the individual feel of the space. The white slats serve to hide the original radiator while still allowing it to heat the area efficiently. A planned power supply layout, and cable modem keep the media center modern.